-Yearly/preventive check-ups
-Family planning, contraception
-Menopause: diagnosis, consultation, treatment
-Hormone substitution treatment
-Dietetic consultation
-Diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis






-Pregnancy consultation
-Prenatal diagnosis
-Ultrasound scanning
-Post partum consultation
-Brest feeding consultation








Gynecology and Obstetrics Examinations

All gynecological obstetric examination in a pleasant environment of the secession-period villa. We use the latest gynecological ultrasound with high resolution. You can check the examination directly on the monitor.


Multilingual Gynecological Examinations

We speak several foreign languages and can examine you in English, French, Czech based on your preference and convenience. We are looking forward to meeting you soon.

Your gynecologist in Lausanne


Gynecological Practice, Lausanne, Geneva


Our cabinet is in the centre of Lausanne, only 5 minute walking distance from Place de Chauderon. Our cabinet is easily accessible by car or municipal transportation. We will receive you in a pleasant environment of a secession-period villa. Several parking places are available. Lausanne is about 50 km from Geneva.